MOTIV FISHIng premiers on animal planet

In May of 2016 MOTIVFISHING premiered FISH OR DIE on Animal Planet.  

Four diehard fishermen are determined to be the first to fish the most remote waters left on earth. Getting to them could kill a person, or make their life worth living. These four best friends prefer to assume the latter. Following in the footsteps of their heroes; Meriwether Lewis, William Clark and Johnny Knoxville, these self proclaimed fish bums are determined be the first to find, and fish, these wild places — or die trying.

“Fish Or Die” will be the adventure of a lifetime. Hop in and buckle up – it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

The premiere of “Fish or Die” on Sunday, May 1 (11 pm EDT) was a time period upgrade for Animal Planet.  Here’s a snapshot of the results:

  • Fish or Die” grew over its “River Monsters” lead-in by +21% with target A25-54.
  • “Fish or Die” posted double-digit percentage gains over the network’s prior 4-week time period average.
  • “Fish or Die” was up +37% with A25-54 (231K) and +20% with Total Viewers (435K).
  • “Fish or Die” placed Animal Planetamong the Top 20 Cable networks in the time period with hard to reach male demos, ranking as high as #13 with M18-34

Produced by Watson Pond Productions and MOTIVFISHING for Animal Planet

Executive Producer: Brad Johnson
Field Producers: Chris Owens, Brian Jill, Thad Robison, Jay Johnson
For Animal Planet: EP Jason R. Carey, Producer, Patrick Keegan and developed by Kurt Tondorf.